Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Beauty Beginner Series: The Face

This post will be slightly different to the usual, but please bare with me, there is a point to this post.

It occurred to me the other day, that I've been posting all of these posts about face makeup etc, and saying where to apply certain things, but I haven't actually included a labelled picture of the face, explaining where everything is (e.g. apples of cheeks, hollows of cheeks etc).

This image will be something that should help you with the past posts, and will also help you with future posts, for example, when I go onto explaining how to apply eyeshadow, contouring and highlighting etc.

Oh, I just wanted to say, now that it's the run up to Christmas, things are going to be hectic for me, especially at uni, as we have an important assessment two weeks after Christmas, so I wanted to say that I am going to post a new Beauty Beginner Series post every two weeks, instead of every week. I'm sorry to do this, but I hope you understand.

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