Thursday, 30 August 2012

NOTD: Glitter Galore!

Colours used:
Base colour - Miss Sporty in Green Lemon
Top coast - E.L.F. Nail Polish in Twinkle
Flowers - Two pinks out of the Fraulein 38 nail art set

Thursday, 9 August 2012

MUA eyeshadow trio and lipstick swatches

Again, these are from my MUA Makeup haul. I got two of the trio eyeshadows, in Passion and Innocence. These are great for your handbag, or for travelling, as they include everything you need, a lid colour, a crease colour and a highlight colour. The colours are really pigmented, just like their palettes, and their also all shimmer, so if you don't like shimmer eyeshadows, then stay away from these.

Above: MUA Eyeshadow Trio in Innocence

Above: MUA Trio Eyeshadow in Passion

I also got two lipsticks in shade 5 and 14 (Bare). These were only a £1 each, so were a bargain. I originally thought that for £1 each, the quality wouldn't be the best, but they're really quite good. The pigmentation is reasonable, and they are a lot more moisturising than other lipsticks.

Above: Top - Shade 5. Bottom - Shade 14 (Bare)

I hope this helped some of you, and the others just found it interesting, if not I'm sorry!

MUA Undressed palette swatches

I have been after this palette for a while now, and if you saw my MUA haul, then you'll have seen that I finally got round to buying it the other day. As I've said, this is their version of the Urban Decay Naked2 palette, which I really want but can't justify spending £36 on a eyeshadow palette just yet. This palette costs £4, so I thought this would be a good starter kit almost for neutral/natural looks. Anyway, on to the swatches:

The eyeshadows are really pigmented and are a good quality.

Above: Top layer six eyeshadows (the third one along is not the most pigmented, but makes a great highlight)

Above: The bottom layer six eyeshadows (these are a lot more darker than the top six, and make great evening/dramatic looks)

As I said, this palette of colours make great neutral, everyday looks, and if the Urban Decay Naked palettes are not in your price range, then this is a great alternative. Or even if you have the Naked palettes, these are just a great palette to add to your collection. MUA also do a similar palette called the Heaven and Earth palette, which doesn't have as many of the darker tones as this palette does. I think this is next on my shopping list. Hope this helped you if you were thinking of buying any of the palettes mentioned, and helped you make up your mind.

NOTD: Gems and pink!

Colours used:
E.L.F. Nail Polish in Fair Pink
Stripes - Fraulein 38 24 Colours Standard Starter Polish Pen Set
Nail Art Rhinestones

Monday, 6 August 2012

I caved!

So, if you saw my August wish list, then you'll know that I've been after a Clarisonic Plus for Face and Body. I suffer from quite bad Keratosis pilaris (KP) also known as Chicken Skin or Sugar Bumps on my arms and legs. Plus, I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I thought that this would be a great product for me! Well, I saw it on QVC with a few added extras, so I gave into temptation and ordered it! I've only used it a couple of times so far, so I can't really give you a review yet, but I will after a sufficient amount of time!

Friday, 3 August 2012

MUA (Makeup Academy) Haul

Hi folks!

So today, I thought I would bring you a MUA haul. For those who don't know, MUA is a makeup line in the UK. You can buy from their website, or from certain Superdrug stores. Their makeup is soooooooo cheap, like £1 for a lipstick! But the quality is really good as well.  I would say that it's similar to E.L.F. but sometimes I find with their products, that they are not the best quality, and the packaging seems very flimsy, whereas MUA is completely not. I ordered these on 31st July, and they came yesterday (2nd August), so posting is really quick. I originally was only after one or two things, and ended up with more than a few things!! So, I'll get on with it.

The Undressed eye palette - this is MUA's version of the Urban Decay Naked2 palette, and if you saw my August Wish List, you will have seen that that was included. The reason I haven't brought the UD palette is I can't bring myself to spend £36 on a eyeshadow palette just yet, maybe when I'm more experienced. So, £4 v. £36, this was a clear winner. This is one of the things that I was originally buying anyway. Swatches etc. coming soon.

Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow (left) and Mosaic Blusher in English Rose (right) - these claim to look different on everyone, due to the mixture of colours. I'll let you know how I get on with these. These cost £2.50 each, but I got them on offer for 2 for £4.

Professional Eye Primer - pretty much self-explanatory, a eyeshadow primer, to stop creasing and make eyeshadow brighter and vibrant. This was £2.50.

Eyeliner pencils in Jet Black, Snow White and Rich Brown - I haven't got many eyeliner pencils, so for £1 each, I thought I'd get a couple, so I chose these, as black and brown are great for everyday, and white, along the lower waterline, will widen and brighten small eyes.

Eyebrow pencil in Blonde - to fill in eyebrows, again, self explanatory, but it also comes with a eyebrow brush the other end, which is always helpful. Again £1.

Lipsticks in Shade 5 (left) and 14 (Bare - right) - something else that I don't have a many of, is lip products, I think that's because I suffer from really dry, crack-prone lips, so don't usually like using this sort of product, just a lip balm, but I'll have to see how these are on. Swatches will be in a separate post. Also £1 each.

Nail varnish in Frozen Yoghurt (left) and All Nude (right) - these are new colours that MUA have just brought out. I saw these on MUA's blog, and fell in love with them! Yet to try them out, but I'll post swatches when I do. These are a bargain at £1 each!

Eyeshadow trios in Passion (left) and Innocence (right) - I thought these were perfect for just keeping in your bag, or for travelling, as you have a crease, lid and highlight colour all in one! These were in the same offer as the bronzer and blush, though this offer has now finished so they are now £2.50 each.

Bronzer in Shade 1 - this is a light bronzer, perfect for fair to light medium skin, with a slight shimmer to it, and a steal at £1 each!

So, that is my MUA Makeup Academy haul. As I said, their products are cheap, but really good quality, and are perfect for younger girls (i.e. school students, and maybe uni students) who don't have the money to buy expensive high end products. I hope you enjoyed this, and I'll post swatches of the products soon.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review

Hi everyone!

I said that I would post a review on the perfume 'Wondrstruck' by Taylor Swift, so here it is!

This is what the Facebook page says about Wonderstruck:

The smell is so gorgeous! It really is a sweet, candy paradise; a real summery smell. I personally use it everyday, whether that be winter or summer, spring or autumn. To compare the actual smell with the list above, I would say that it is really pretty much accurate. I could imagine both young girls, and girls in their 20s wearing this as a everyday perfume, but if you like musky smells, then I would really recommend you stay away from this. It really just seems to wrap everything Taylor Swift is about into one package. As for wearability, I feel that this isn't the most long wearing perfume, but of you spray a few sprays and spray some on your clothes it lasts nearly all day.

If you've read by previous post, you'll know that I am lucky enough to have both the 100ml and 50ml bottles. The bottles are so cute in real life, the pictures really don't do it justice. The charms represent aspects from Taylor's life and her apartment, the same with the box design. The lid contains hidden images, of each charm and also contains a hidden 13 (Taylor's lucky number). The name Wonderstruck comes from her song 'Enchanted', from the line '...I'm Wonderstruck, blushing all the way home...' I love this song, and the fact that the perfume is based on the song, was also a big part of why I got it. If you research online, then you will find a lot more information about the perfume, as there is a real story about how Taylor got the idea, and everything behind the perfume has a story, i.e. the box, the bottle, the name etc.

Also, if you buy either the 50ml or 100ml from The Perfume Shop, you get a free bag (seen below), which is actually a lot nicer in real life. It is very roomy, so I could imagine fitting a laptop in it, making it ideal for uni!

 (close up of pattern on bag)

This may not be the best review out there, but it is my take on it (plus it's my first review), and I hoped it helped you if you were thinking of buying it. As an overall mark out of ten, I would give this a 9.5 (maybe even a 10, but I really love this).