Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas Sales Haul!

So, I other day I went shopping (oh, yes, there's that sentence again!) But this, time I feel slightly more justified using it, as I went Christmas sales shopping, and you really cannot complain about getting great things at half the price.

I went shopping to the Trafford Centre, and first visited Victoria's Secret. Most things were 50% off, including most of their beauty gift sets etc, which is what I was after. These are the things I picked up:

I have already bought I couple of things from the beauty range before Christmas, so knew a couple of the scents that I already loved. One of which was Secret Craving, and this range was 50%, so I picked up a shower gel for £4.50, and the other scent I love is Amber Romance, unfortunately this range wasn't 50% off, but I saw the above gift set reduced down to £10, so also picked that up. The rest of the stuff is more just things that I saw that I liked the look/smell of. A Strawberries and Champagne body mist, which smells incredible! Reduced to £5.50. An iPhone 4S case, reduced to £10, which is one of the most gorgeous cases I have ever seen! I also picked up one of their fragrances called Bombshell Diamonds, which was also half price, and a makeup bag reduced down to £10 as well. 

I love a visit to Boots after Christmas, as they always sell whatever gift sets they've got left over from Christmas at half price. Obviously, it depends on what your local shop has got in store, but I find you can get some great stuff and ridiculously cheap prices!

I love the scent of Gok's Gorgeous range that he brings out every Christmas, so picked up the above gold bag full of some of his goodies for £9! I also saw a lipgloss set from Seventeen which was reduced to £3, which I couldn't say no to. And I've been after a diary for my handbag, so when I saw the above Winnie-the-Pooh one, reduced down to £3.50 with a pen, I fell in love with its cuteness. I think these next two purchases are probably the bargain of the lot! Lady Gaga Fame perfume and Nicki Minaj Pink Friday perfume gift sets! Half price! Fame was reduced to £13, and Pink Friday was reduced to £11.50! Like what?! Ridiculous! If I was organised and had thought, I should have stocked up on a couple for birthday presents and maybe even this years Christmas presents!

I also nipped into Matalan, and picked up this candle reduced down to £4. This matches my room decor perfectly, and thought that once I've used the candle up, it would make a lovely trinket box.

So that's it from the Trafford Centre, but on Boxing Day, I also made an online order at Lush, as whatever Christmas products they have left over goes 50% off as well, but you have to get in there early, before they sell out.

Snowma Bath Bomb reduced to £1.25
Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt reduced to £1.65
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb reduced to £1.75
Snow Fairy 100g Shower Gel reduced to £1.75
Magic Wand Bubble Bar reduced to £2.47
The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar reduced to £1.47
The Melting Snowman Bath Melt reduced to £1.12
Cinders Bath Bomb reduced to £1.22

What bargains have you managed to pick up in the Christmas sales?

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