Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yankee Candle Wishlist

I was going through my Bloglovin' feed the other day, and came across a new post by Hayley of haysparkle, where she came up with her Yankee Candle Wishlist, which I thought was really simple, but something a little different, so I thought I would come up with my own. Hayley, if you happen to read this, thanks for the inspiration!

Sophisticated. Classic. A smooth blend of rick vanilla, romantic flowers and sensuous sandalwood.
This is my perfect vanilla scent, as I'm not too fond of straight up vanilla. It's a sweet vanilla, but more of a spiciness to it.

Practically dripping with the mouth-watering scent of luscious, crisp orchard peaches.
I love anything peach smelling, so I would love this! I think it'd be a great spring/summer scent aswell.

The joys of camp... mesmerised by the fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection!
This may be considered a autumn/winter candle, but this scent reminds me so much of summer, as we used to go camping, and would light a fire at night and toast marshmallows. 

Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.
I absolutely adore the smell of clean washing, and I would love my room to smell constantly of it! It's so fresh, and is perfect for all year-round, but more so in the countdown to spring, when you start putting washing on the line.

Escape to a magical place where romantic hopes bloom in the joyful blend of sweet floral nectars.
I think this would be great for Spring, as you really can't beat the smell of flowers on a lovely fresh spring day.

Everybody's hopping with joy for this delicious twist on a classic Easter basket treat... creamy, sweet white chocolate with a touch of vanilla.
Just read the description. That is all.

You'll get a delightful chill from the tongue tingling raspberry aroma of this creamy smooth dessert.
Again, a great spring/summer fruity candle. I just hope it wouldn't get too strong after a bit.


  1. Replies
    1. Ahh, that's so annoying! I hate it when that happens! x

  2. I have Fireside Treats & I love it! Chocolate bunnies look lovely! Xx

    1. Ooh, think I might have to cave, and just get the wax tart, maybe. It sounds heavenly doesn't it?! They even did a milk chocolate one last year, but not sure if you can still get that.

      Laura x