Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites

1. Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Fragrance Mist
This has definitely been my go to scent of February. It's a very fresh scent, but has a sweet-ness to it aswell. It reminds me a lot of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.

2. Urban Decay Naked3 Palette
I've been loving this ever since receiving it for Christmas. The colours are so gorgeous, and flattering. I think that this may be my favourite Naked palette. If you want to read more of my thoughts on this post, then check out my post here.

3. Soap & Glory Glow All Out Powder
I have really been enjoying using this powder throughout mid-January and all of February. It's a perfect, everyday highlighter. It's the perfect product to add a glow to your face, that isn't glitter-ball. I've got a full review here.

4. MUA Clear Mascara
I picked this up when I was in Superdrug one day. I have never been one for filling in my eyebrows, or doing much with them other than brushing them out. But, I saw this and  thought for a £1, I would try it out. I have really been liking this. It's nothing special, but just keeps my eyebrows groomed and in place all day.

5. Soap & Glory Super-Colour-Fabulipstick in The Missing Pink
This has absolutely been my favourite lipstick over the past month and half. I have got a full review coming up in the next couple of days, so I wont go into too much detail here, but I love the way this makes my lips look. It also doesn't cling to my dry patches, just seems to glide over them. As for colour, it's the perfect your-lips-but-better-shade.

6. Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation in Tone
I have really enjoyed using this foundation, ever since buying it in the January sales. I've got a full review here, which goes into more detail, but what I love most about this, is that it's a very moisturising foundation, and leaves a lovely, dewy finish. It doesn't look as if you're wearing anything either; it looks like your skin.

7. Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Contour Brush
I've been really liking this brush to apply the Glow All Out powder and just any highlighter in general. As it's duo-fibre, it doesn't pick up as much as a normal brush, so I don't need to worry as much about being too heavy-handed with the highlight, which I sometimes can.

8. Lanolips Lemonaid
I have fallen in love with this lip balm over the month of February! It is so moisturising, and I haven't had half as many problems with my dry lips as I used to have. A full review can be found here.

9. The Band Perry - Pioneer
I don't what it is, but I have been hooked on this album! Some of my favourites include: 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely', 'Pioneer' and 'I'm a Keeper'.

10. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - Naked2 shade
I've really been loving the Naked2 shade in this palette for filling in my eyebrows. This has been the perfect shade for my blonde eyebrows. I only use a little of this, as I'm really not a fan of the really filled in brows. I use the Real Techniques Brow Brush with this powder, and then finish off with the MUA Clear Mascara.

11. Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park
Again, this has been a go-to album I've been hooked on during February. I tend to put this on when I'm having an afternoon blogging. My favourites are 'Merry Go Round' and 'Follow Your Arrow'.

12. Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Face Brush
This has been my favourite powder brush, really for the same reason as the contour brush. It doesn't collect as much powder as a normal brush, so it doesn't make your makeup look cakey, and overly powdered.

What have some of your favourite products been the last month?


  1. Love Naked 3 and Victoria Secret's mist!
    Interesting post, friend :)


    1. I've only recently tried the VS mists, and I love them so much!
      Thanks sweet!

      Laura x

  2. Great post! I have wanted to try Victoria's Secret mist for ages, and I love Real Techniques brushes! That lip balm looks lovely!

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks, sweet! If you can get to them, I would really recommend them! They're gorgeous! Yep, you really can't beat them for the money.

      Laura x
      P.S. I love the name of your blog!