Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Liebster Award (#4)

So, I've been nominated for another Liebster Award! The first nom comes from Mary Ann, over at angelflicks, and the second from Laura at londonandlouboutins. Thank you, both very much!

If you don't know what the Liebster Award is, then check out my other posts which explain it in more detail (1, 2, 3).

Mary Ann's questions were:

1. Liquid, pencil or gel eyeliner?
I'm really not much of an eyeliner girl. For one thing, it's just not me. And another, I haven't exactly mastered how to put it on properly yet! If I had to choose one though, probably pencil.

2. Organisation or chaos?
Oh gosh, organisation all the way! I really can't stand chaos.

3. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Ooh, tough one. Probably Maybelline or Rimmel. They both do quite a lot of stuff that I really like.

4. What is your favourite style?
I'm a big fan of basic pieces with more fashionable accessories. I love the look of skinny jeans, a basic top and a coloured blazer with a scarf and handbag.

5. Best thing about blogging?
Sharing my love of makeup and beauty with like minded people.

6. Do you like reading? If so, what's your favourite book?
I LOVE reading! Lately I've been loving The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

7. If you could have anything, what would it be?
What? As in, anything at all in the world? This is gonna take some thinking...

8. Favourite and worst foods
I love pasta! But hate any kind of spicy or peppery food.

9. Describe your proudest moment
Probably when I graduated. I was so nervous beforehand and completely dreading it, but I was so pleased after it and best of all, I didn't fall over!

10. What's on your desert island disk?
I've never heard of this. I take it that it means a CD you'd take if you were ever on a desert island? If so, it would be anything Taylor Swift (of course!) and lately Pioneer by The Band Perry.

11. Last one - Where did your blog name come from?
My blog was originally called Beauty Beginner, but I didn't really like it, and found that there was already a blog called that. So, I came up with a new name, and Laura's Land of Beauty was born (which I think is pretty self-explanatory, it's my piece of land to talk all things beauty).

Thanks again for the nomination Mary Ann!


Laura asked:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
America! Would love to travel there and live there. Especially in a little town in somewhere like South or North Carolina or Georgia.

2. Handbags or shoes?
Handbags. I have so much trouble shopping for shoes. I never seem to find a pair that fit me right. I've got really awkward feet.

3. Do you have any piercings?
Only my ears.

4. What's your dream place to go on holiday?
Same answer as above, sorry. A road trip around America.

5. Who's your favourite Disney character?
I'm a sucker for the Princesses and my favourite is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. (PS. I've just seen the Disney socks from Primark. How cute! I'm hoping to pick some up when I go in today!)

6. Favourite TV show currently?
Currently it's Reign. But of all time, probably One Tree Hill.

7. Sweet or savoury?
As much as I love sweet things, I do prefer savoury things.

8. Favourite drink?
I know it's really bad for you, but coke.

9. Favourite scented candle flavour?
Either Soft Blanket or Clean Cotton from Yankee Candle.

10. Favourite shop?
Clothes wise, New Look. Beauty wise, Boots

11. Favourite nail colour?
I love anything pastel, e.g. Essie's Fiji, Barry M's Blue Moon and Berry Ice Cream.

Thank you Laura for nominating me!

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Congratulations, Laura! I instantly fell in love with your blog :)
    This post was very interesting. Loved reading about you :)


    1. Thank you, sweet! Nice to know you enjoyed it!
      Laura x