Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review

Hi everyone!

I said that I would post a review on the perfume 'Wondrstruck' by Taylor Swift, so here it is!

This is what the Facebook page says about Wonderstruck:

The smell is so gorgeous! It really is a sweet, candy paradise; a real summery smell. I personally use it everyday, whether that be winter or summer, spring or autumn. To compare the actual smell with the list above, I would say that it is really pretty much accurate. I could imagine both young girls, and girls in their 20s wearing this as a everyday perfume, but if you like musky smells, then I would really recommend you stay away from this. It really just seems to wrap everything Taylor Swift is about into one package. As for wearability, I feel that this isn't the most long wearing perfume, but of you spray a few sprays and spray some on your clothes it lasts nearly all day.

If you've read by previous post, you'll know that I am lucky enough to have both the 100ml and 50ml bottles. The bottles are so cute in real life, the pictures really don't do it justice. The charms represent aspects from Taylor's life and her apartment, the same with the box design. The lid contains hidden images, of each charm and also contains a hidden 13 (Taylor's lucky number). The name Wonderstruck comes from her song 'Enchanted', from the line '...I'm Wonderstruck, blushing all the way home...' I love this song, and the fact that the perfume is based on the song, was also a big part of why I got it. If you research online, then you will find a lot more information about the perfume, as there is a real story about how Taylor got the idea, and everything behind the perfume has a story, i.e. the box, the bottle, the name etc.

Also, if you buy either the 50ml or 100ml from The Perfume Shop, you get a free bag (seen below), which is actually a lot nicer in real life. It is very roomy, so I could imagine fitting a laptop in it, making it ideal for uni!

 (close up of pattern on bag)

This may not be the best review out there, but it is my take on it (plus it's my first review), and I hoped it helped you if you were thinking of buying it. As an overall mark out of ten, I would give this a 9.5 (maybe even a 10, but I really love this).

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