Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Liebster Award!

Although this blog is now over a year old, I've only just started to get really into it and start getting myself out there. I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Evelin (go check out her blog, and thanks Evelin for nominating me!). Now, I personally hadn't ever heard of this, so after reading Evelin's post where she had been nominated and a bit of Googling, I have found out that it's a bit like a chain link thing between bloggers to get to know people, and attract followers. I have to answer 11 questions that Evelin has asked, I then create 11 of my own questions, and tag 11 blogs that have less than 200 followers.

So, on to the questions Evelin asked:

1. Who are your 3 favourite YouTubers?
I'm gonna stick with some of the most popular ones, AllThatGlitters21 (aka Elle Fowler), FleurDeForce, and SprinkleofGlitter (aka Louise [man, she cracks me up!!!]

2. What is your favourite social media site?
Twitter. Without a doubt.

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Right now, it's Dylan O'Brien from the film, The First Time (featured in my August Favourites). He also plays Stiles in Teen Wolf which I have been slightly obsessed with lately.

4. Best activity for a rainy day?
Staying in, wrapped in a blanket on the sofa with a good film.

5. Who is your fashion role model?
Now, this is a tough question for me. I've never been one to look up at people for their fashion. I don't really look up to one celebrity or whatever, I just look at people around me everyday, either friends or just girls I see in the street, and take inspiration from there. I love very basic, classic things, and jazzing them up with good accessories; I don't think you can go wrong with this.

6. Favourite drugstore makeup brand?
Probably Maybelline.

7. What is your favourite food to cook?
Some sort of pasta dish. I really love pasta!

8. One thing you wish you had done 5 years ago?
So, 5 years ago, I would have been 16. One thing I wish I had done was to go out more with friends from school; to be more outgoing and sociable. I was very shy in school, and didn't make friends very easily. I think I just needed to get out of my own head, and just let go a bit.

9. Do you have any weird habits and what are they?
Well, I personally can't think of any (haha), but I'm sure if you were to ask my family, they would say I am slightly OCD about things. I have to have things a certain way.

10. What is your all-time favourite song?
Oh my gosh, why did you have to put this question in?! I love music so much, this is gonna take some thinking. I think that it may be All Too Well by Taylor Swift. I relate to this song so much in my own way, it's so emotional, and beautifully written.

11. What would you say to your future self who's 10 years older than you?
Make the most out of your opportunities. Enjoy life and STOP WORRYING!!

Now for my 11 questions:
  1. Are you a high end or budget beauty lover?
  2. What quote do you live your life by?
  3. Who is your favourite music artist?
  4. Who are your top 5 bloggers?
  5. Describe your style in one word.
  6. What was your very first music concert?
  7. Tell one random fact about yourself.
  8. What is your must-have beauty item?
  9. What's your all-time favourite product?
  10. What's next on your wish list/shopping list?
  11. What's your favourite movie?
I nominate these blogs:


So that's it for this post. Something slightly different, but I rather enjoyed writing this.


  1. aww thank you so much, will get my post up soon as x thanks again! and I love your blog x

    1. Ah you're welcome. You've got a great blog! Thanks, very kind of you! x