Friday, 14 September 2012

Beginner Basics...

While I was recently searching YouTube for some new beauty guru's (a favourite past time of mine), I came across a series of videos by the celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. These videos are great for those Beauty Beginner's, as Lisa explains the basics about each product (foundation, concealer, primer, contouring powder and highlighter). For those who are just starting out in makeup, and don't really know what each product does, or how to use them, these videos really answer these questions. I really recommend checking them out.

Makeup Basics: Foundation

Makeup Basics: Primer

Makeup Basics: Concealer

The Powder Contouring video is here, and the Liquid and Cream Blusher is here. Lisa also does a video on Liquid Blush which may be worth checking out.

Hope this helped.

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