Sunday, 23 September 2012

Check Out This Gorgeousness!

I'm in love... with the new products MUA are bringing out over the next couple of weeks. I am a big fan of MUA's products. They are really affordable, and great quality. Perfect for if you are just starting out in makeup. The other day, when I was browsing through their blog, I saw that they are introducing several new products into their range. Well, I was blown away by them! They look amazing. The first of which was a new Artiste Palette, including 6 marble effect eyeshadows, 2 blushers, and a highlight and contouring powder (the perfect all rounder palette for only £6!) The eyeshadows look really nice, and from past experiences, they should be really well pigmented.

The second products I saw, were the ones I was most impressed with, the Nail Constellations! Which are pretty much tiny beads that you pour over wet nail varnish, leaving a beautiful look and effect. First, just look at those marketing/advertising images! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Above: Gemini 

Above: Pisces 

Above: Libra
Above: the complete range of Nail Constellations

Now, this nail art idea isn't exactly original (Ciate came up with the idea, and do their own sets and colours), but compared to the £18 Ciate are charging for one bottle of beads, and one bottle of polish, it may surprise you when I say each bottle costs £3!! Although it doesn't look like you get a bottle of nail polish to attach the beads onto with, you could still buy a bottle from MUA's range, and that would only set you back an extra £1! Both these products hits selected Superdrug's and online September 26th, and I will be extremely tempted to try these out!

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